EMAP Weekly Seminar Speakers: Spring 2021


03.04.2021 – Climate Change, Social Capital and Sustainable Livelihoods in Conservation Landscapes

Patricia Delgado

03.11.2021 – Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary: Who We Are and What We Do


03.18.2021 – The Sociological Aspects of Risk Assessment in Industry, Regulation, Research, and Activism and Career Path

Marc Hafstead

03.25.2021 – Carbon Pricing: Theory and Practice

Dr. Marc Hafstead, Fellow and Director, Carbon Pricing Initiative at Resources for the Future

Patrick Megonigal

04.08.2021 – Plant-Microbe Interactions in Coastal Wetlands Impart Homeostasis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions


04.15.2021 – “Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS): A Large Environmental Issue and a Major Area of Research at NIST”


04.22.2021 – “Unstable Ground: Social Vulnerability and Access to Clean Air, Safe Water, and Environments Free of Toxic Chemicals”

Elsie M. Sunderland,

04.29.2021 – “Present understanding of exposure sources and health effects for poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)”

Student Image 1

05.06.2021 – “An Overview of Tribal Environmental Health Issues and Circumstances”

Dr. Lynn Zender on Current Understanding of Issues in Tribal Environmental Health