EMAP Weekly Seminar & Discussion Series

Spring 2020

This Weekly Seminar Course meets on Thursdays (if not a holiday) from 4 to 5 pm in ICC (Inter Culture Center) 106 and is for all students.

Course Convener: Professor YuYe J. Tong, yyt@georgetown.edu, 202-687-5872, WGR 408

January 2020

1/16/2020: Color Additives by Dr. Neely Belai
Chemist, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Office of Cosmetics and Colors, FDA

This presentation will describe the history of regulation of color additives by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Color additives are dyes and pigments permitted for coloring food, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices. Federal oversight of food colors began in the late 19th Century and continued with the 1906 Food and Drugs Act and the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Color additives have premarket approval requirements. The policies resulting from various regulatory issues related to these requirements will be discussed.

1/23/2020: Career Services Available to Graduate Students at Georgetown by Ms. Annie Rao
Director, Graduate Career Center, Georgetown University

February 2020

2/6/2020: Government Affairs and Creating Chemistry for a Sustainable Future by Curtis J. Zimmermann, Manager, BASF Government Liaison

2/13/2020: Health Effect Institute’s global work on air pollution issues in India and China by Robert O’Keefe, Vice President of the Health Effect Institute

2/20/2020: Three Million Birds Lost: The Disappearance of North American Birds and What We Can Do About It by Dr. Peter P Marra, Laudato Si’ Professor of Biology and the Environment, Director of Georgetown Environment Initiative

2/27/2020:  Microplastic Pollution: An Overview  by Anna-Marie Cook, Senior Environmental Engineer, superfund and technology liaison and national microplastics subject matter expert, EPA

March 2020

3/5/2020: Alternative Paths in Environmentalism: Using Science in Halls of Congress to Influence Policy and Legislation by Tiffany Crawford, Legislative Fellow, Office of Senator Mazie Hirono (Hawaii)

3/19/2020: *POSTPONED* Human Impacts to Wildlife: Environmental Contaminant-Induced Effects by Professor Myra Finkelstein, UC Santa Cruz


3/26/2020: Water Contamination and Potential Remedies in US by G. Tracy Mehan, III, Executive Director, Government Affairs American Water Works Association

April 2020

4/2/2020: An Ecologist in the World of Environmental Policymaking by Ann Bartuska, Senior Advisor at Resources for the Future https://www.rff.org/people/ann-m-bartuska/

4/16/2020: Scientific Writing by Leah Kauffman Director of Communications, NIST Material Measurement Lab

4/23/2020: TBA