Tuition and Financial Aid

Master in Environmental Metrology and Policy Program – for the Betterment of the World

Program Fees, And Other Costs

Tuition and Fees

The MS in EMAP is a tuition-based program. Georgetown University assesses graduate student tuition and charges fees based on the number of credit hours for which a student is enrolled.  The cost per credit for the 2023-2024 academic year is $2,452.  More information on Tuition and Fees can be found on the Billing and Payment Services website.

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is based on the number of credit hours for which a graduate student enrolls in each semester.  A sample 2019-2020 average cost of attendance budget for a student who applies for and receives financial aid is provided here: the one-page Student Financial Aid Information for Academic Year 2019-20.

Financial Aid

The Program offers up to 3-credit merit based tuition scholarships (~$7,074) for the first academic year to academically qualified students in the EMAP Program. Qualification for it will be assessed unpon student’s completion of her/his application to EMAP.

Financing Your Education

With an after-work course schedule, students in the EMAP Program can have the option of pursuing the degree while still working full time (for US students) or part time (for international students) and there are plenty of job opportunities in the greater DC area. They can also finance their cost of attendance in this program through a variety of options, for example:

We also compile a non-exhaustive list of environment related fellowship/scholarship opportunities.

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Pursuing EMAP Degree while working

All EMAP lecture courses are scheduled after 5 pm on weekdays and lab courses on Saturdays. With such an afterwork courses schedule, students can have the option of pursuing the EMAP degree while still working a full time or part time job and there are plenty of opportunities in the Greater Washington DC Area for the latter