Katrice Lippa, Ph.D.

Dr. Katrice Lippa presently serves as the group leader of the Organic Chemical Measurement Science Group. Before that, she was Scientific Advisor for the Chemical Sciences Division to develop and promote reference material and data products together with chemical informatics tools that will span and connect divisional project areas (clinical, metabolomics, forensics, environmental and chemical manufacturing). She also represents NIST in the InterAmerican Metrology System (SIM) and the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance-Metrology in Chemistry (CCQM) to develop metrology tools for traceability and to establish equivalence among measurements made by national metrology institutes (NMIs). Her current research directions are in quantitative NMR techniques for the characterization of pure substances as well as organic constituents in biological and natural matrices, in addition to advancing metrologically-sound methods for ensuring chemical traceability. As a research analytical chemist, Katrice has extensive experience in trace-level environmental organic measurement techniques (chromatography-mass spectrometry) and implementation of structure-reactivity/molecular modeling tools to help solve chemical measurement problems.