EMAP Weekly Seminar Speakers: Fall 2019


09.23.2019 – Scientific Oral Presentation

Dr. Ron Davis, Jr. – Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry, Georgetown University

Dr. Kaveh Jorabchi

09.30.2019 – Research Ethics

Dr. Kaveh Jorabchi – Asssociate Professor of Chemistry, Georgetown University

Dr. Treda Grayson

10.21.2019 – Finding Purpose and Passion in Unexpected Places: A Scientist’s Journey in the Public Sector

Dr. Treda Grayson – Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) Program Manager, EPA


10.28.2019 – Consumer Product Safety Commission: Being a Compliance Officer

Dr. Stephanee Synnott – Senior Compliance Officer, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission


11.07.2019 – Scientific Integrity and Evidence-based Decision Making

Dr. Francesco Grifo – EPA Scientific Integrity Official


11.11.2019 – A Chemist’s Journey in Environmental Monitoring and Policy Making

 David Friedman – Environmental Consultant, Friedman Consulting LLC


11.18.2019 – Released oil simulations and field experiments: Tracking dissolved and droplet hydrocarbons to improve spill response

Dr. Robyn Conmy – Oil Research Area Lead  for the EPA ORD


11.25.2019 – A Career in Drinking Water Research at the EPA: Highlights and Thoughts

Dr. Darren Lytle – Acting Chief the Treatment Technology Evaluation Branch EPA