Career opportunities after the Environmental Metrology & Policy Program

We live in a world of chemicals: in air we breathe, water we drink,  food we eat, materials we use, and soil we stand on; and chemical pollutants can kill people and destroy environmental ecosystems.  As “a healthy environment is the foundation of human life” and how to eliminate or minimalize the health risk of the hazardous chemical pollutants by managing them most effectively is one of the contemporary top priorities of human society, EMAP graduates will then have one of the broadest professional spaces in which to develop a rewarding career of great and lasting societal impacts for the betterment of the world. There are many good career opportunities for them in every sector of human society, be it government agencies, NGOs, research and academic institutions, or corporate entities. One of these rewarding career paths is to become an environmental consultant that is highly employable by many consulting firms, and the following is a non-exhaustive list of places where the EMAP graduates can find great career opportunities:

Federal, State, Local Agencies:
Explore Federal & state agencies websites for programs; Consult with national and international experts through professional organizations such as Society of ToxicologySociety of Risk AnalysisAmerican College of Toxicology.
Examples – EPA, FDA, DOI, DHS, OSHA, NIOSH, NIH (NIEHS), CDC, CPSC, DOT, DOE, DOD, Congressional Committees, OMB and State/Local level environmental regulatory offices.
Private industry:
Examples – Chemicals, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Energy, Consumer Products, Biotechnology, Automotive, Consulting Companies, Contract Research Organizations, Environmental Engineering, Trade groups/organizations.
Non-Profit organizations:
Examples – Academic Universities/Colleges, Natural Resources Defense CouncilEnvironmental Defense FundInternational Life Sciences Institute – Health and Environmental Sciences InstituteSierra ClubWorld Wild Life Fund
Advocacy Groups:
Examples – Environmental Law Firms, American chemistry Council
International Organizations: