Bob Sonawane, Ph.D.

Dr. Sonawane has over 35 plus years research and management experience in toxicology and pharmacology and  cancer/ non-cancer health risk assessment of environmental pollutants.  He is a very well recognized expert in the fields of Toxicology and Risk Assessment of xenobiotics. He is an author and/or co-author of over 100 publications and several book chapters in the fields of toxicology and pharmacology, children’s environmental health and risk assessment of xenobiotics.  Dr. Sonawane worked as a Toxicologist with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (1983-1985),  He served as a Biologist (1985-1990), Branch Chief of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology (1991-1995) and Group Chief of Effects Identification and Characterization (1995- 2015) of National Center for Environmental Assessment (NCEA), Office of Research and Development of EPA.  He served on details as the Group Chief to Quantitative Risk Methods Group (2015), Acting Deputy Director (1989), and Acting Director (1990) of NCEA Cincinnati and Washington Divisions. For his outstanding service, Dr. Sonawane has received numerous awards, including the most “Distinguished Career Service Award” and the “Distinguished Service Citation” by the  EPA Administrator in 2016.